TruQueen was model after my Mom Geneva Sapp, Michelle Obama and the admiration of the Queen of England. The designer one day thought about the number of women who struggle every day to survive in a male dominated world. These women go far and beyound the call of duty than we males can understand. With diversity, the TruQueen females is always wise and driven by her goals and passions to achieve status in either her community, group, household or public office. The owner and designer of TruQueen recognizes the commitment that these women make, and understands the fight in continuation that's made by them. He enjoyed publicizing the achievements by each and every woman that model the TruQueen standards.

He especially recognizes them as mothers, daughters and service women of todays' world who are used, abused and misunderstood in public and private. As a boy of a single parent in the south, his mother was that TruQueen who struggle with four kids and suffered depression and racism without having a male companion to lean on. But, he doesn't overlook all mothers of the same or identical backgrounds. That had to live their lives in the struggle to care for kids and stay employed to keep the house a float.


To care for their kids who is constantly bullied and influenced by gangs violent. To nurture their man child who's oppressed by people of trusted positions in high places. These women need this recognition and outlook to give them back their voice and continued movement against discrimination in our society. This website is for the TruQueens all over the world.