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Beyonce was a member of Destiny's Child which was a popular singing group that took over the charts in the "90's". They contributed to a number of records which "block blustered" in the markets during their time as artist. A native to "Huston Texas", the group were engaged in preforming and singing at an early age and they were granted spots at local and nonlocal clubs or nightspots.


They were close friends with "SWV" who was a popular artist and singers of their time. SWV allowed Destiny's Child to "open his shows" at concerts around the country. It wasn't long before the group would be discovered by "Columbia Records" which lead to their first recording contract and record "release in "1978". They would make additional records that hit the "Billboard Charts as #1 until Beyonce split with the group to be a great solo artist by herself. She and Destiny's Child were contributed with hits like